Community Impact Statement Committee


The committee is composed of up to four (4) board members for the express purpose of composing and filing Community Impact Statements (CIS’s) on behalf of the EVRNC. CIS’s are official statements or positions adopted by a Neighborhood Council on issues pending before the city’s decision makers. The Community Impact Statement process was created specifically for Neighborhood Councils in order to publicly express their support, opposition, or suggestions about any matter pending before the City Council, its committees, or City commissions. A Community Impact Statement (CIS) is an official statement used to express the position of a Neighborhood Council (NC) as a whole, and is not used to express personal opinions.


Leslie Campisi

Frank Mendoza

Christine Mills

Laurie Winston

Community Impact Statements Filed

6/30/2022 CF 21-0828 Zoo Expansion

10/17/2022 CF 22-1189 City Councilmember Censure and Resignation

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