Electric Leafblower Event Workshops Sept 27 and Oct 4, 2022

In Partnership with the American Green Zone Alliance:  Two- Free Public Events with Spanish And English Translation!!

Event #2 Landscape Professionals’ Workshop – Stop by anytime !!
Tuesday, October 4th, 2022, in person event demonstration 10am-3 pm Friendship Auditorium ( in English and Spanish)

A 2 ½ – 3-hour in-person commercial workshop designed to educate landscaping professionals and crew members in the implementation of battery/electric landscape maintenance with both instructional and live, hands-on components. The workshop can help each company form an “electric crew” or electric service division capable of servicing residential, business, and institutional clients in Silver Lake and surrounding areas.

The instructional portion emphasizes the importance of worker training and certification, satisfying customers’ aesthetic expectations, and increasing profitability. Specific topics covered include:

  • Health and Environmental Benefits
  • Battery/Electric Basics
  • Work Production
  • Infrastructure and Charging
  • Safety
  • Economics (ROI, Profitability)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specific Fall clean-up techniques that minimize gas operation and do not overload electric equipment.

The hands-on equipment portion will feature three or more leading brands of commercial grade equipment – handheld tools (blowers, saws, trimmers) and mowers. Leading vendors of commercial equipment will be invited to display and demonstrate mowers and handheld tools.

(already has taken place) Event #1 Homeowners/Renters/Rental Property Workshop: Click on Flyer for Zoom Link
Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 via zoom 6-8 pm  Zoom ID: 861 1099 8051

A virtual learning session on how to reduce or phase out the use of gas-powered leaf-blowers and other gas equipment. Areas to be covered include:

  • Worker health and community impacts on gas-gardening operations
  • Differences between gas and electric equipment – work production rates, economics, energy sources
  • The latest in cleaner, quieter alternative tools and operations
  • Communication with gardeners
  • Best practices and ecological approaches
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