EVRNC Funds the Purchase of Hundreds of Bilingual Books for Local Library

EVRNC Board Members and Friends join with Friends of Cypress Park Library and some local library patrons to celebrate the new load of books!

In May of this year, the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council (EVRNC) voted to approve funding a $5,000 Neighborhood Purpose Grant to  the Friends of the Cypress Park Library in order to buy hundreds of books in both Spanish and English for our local library. On Saturday, August 28th, the EVRNC was invited to visit the library to help prepare the books–which were purchased from local bookseller Skylight Books in Los Feliz– and meet some  Cypress Park Library staff, Friends of the Library members, and local patrons.

We invited a few friends and neighbors from Elysian Valley to come along and see how we spent some of our NPG money, and we learned that they have been coming to the Cypress Park Library since it first opened in 2002.

Local youth show off some new titles for the younger crowd

Lorena Villegas, the Young Adult Librarian at Cypress Park, picked out many of the new books with her middle school and high school-aged audience in mind. Her job entails helping tweens and teens navigate the library when they visit, and helping them to find just the right book.  She wants parents to know that librarians are available to help them find reading and homework books for their children, whatever age. Cypress Park Library also has a Children’s Librarian who can help parents find books that are fun to read with kids at all different ages, starting from pregnancy!

These are just some of the reasons the EVRNC decided to fund this purchase of bilingual books for our local children and families. As EVRNC Board Member Julie Sharron said on Saturday,  “You can never have too many books.”

Local artist Leo Limon came by to check out the new books

Elysian Valley resident Xochitl Ivanov talks about why it’s so important to support our local libraries.

Young Adult Librarian Lorena Villegas is here to help your tween and teen discover something exciting and wonderful to read

From L to R: Leo Limon, EV Resident and Senior Group President Ceci Hernandez, Lorena Villegas, Friends of Cypress Park Library President Ash Kramer, EVRNC President Carrie Sutkin, and Xochitl Ivanov

Leo Limon, a local artist who has done work on both sides of the LA River, stopped by to check out the new books and share his ideas for ways the Neighborhood Council can improve graffiti and work with youth groups to create public art in public spaces as part of the upcoming Taylor Yard Bridge opening. His ideas remind us of what’s possible when neighbors work together to benefit the community!

We would like to encourage all residents of Elysian Valley Riverside to visit the new collection at the Cypress Park Library. They are located at  1150 Cypress Avenue, LA 90065.

Library Hours:
Mondays and  Wednesdays 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm    
Fridays and Saturdays 9:30 am to 5:00 pm  

For information on the Taylor Yard Bridge event contact EVRNC President: carrie.evrnc@gmail.com
For information on EVRNC NPGs, contact Grants Committee Chair : ana.evrnc@gmail.com.
For information about the Friends of the Cypress Park Branch Library contact: ashleyckramer@gmail.com.

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