June 2022 Mornings with the Council, Meet and Greet sessions hosted at the Elysian Valley Rec Center

The Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council Outreach team hosted 3 in person greet and meet moving session on May 14, June 4, June 11, 2022 From 10:00 AM TO 12:30 PM.

These opportunities provided one-on one feedback from attending participants to give us options to review and recommend new events and locations for the following year July 1, 2022 to June 2022.


Sessions 1 and 2  included training materials from LAPD LIASON Gina on how to report crime, get to know the offices serving Elysian Valley and request for more frequent patrolling due to excessive tagging currently happening along the Elysian Valley Shared path along the Los Angeles River, Parking lot of St. Ann’s Church and also the Elysian Valley Rec Center.

Feedback was also given on the time the sessions were happening, and many participants included that an evening option at in person meetings is being requested.  Updates from the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch are important to many Stakeholders as they are not able to speak to certain crimes directly.

Session 3, Hosted a visit from the Librarian Christine of LAPL.  Focus on the Summer reading challenge and how children can get invited and motivated to read more by completing tasks to earn entries for multiple price ruffles at the end of the Summer.

Photos of Setup  for June 11, 2022 Mornings with the Council.




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