The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance is Looking for Block Leaders!

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CALL FOR cool_blocks.png    LEADERS

  • Do you know your neighbors well enough to knock on their door and ask for the proverbial “cup of sugar”?
  • Do you wish there was more you could do to have an impact on climate change and conserve resources for the sake of your children or future generations?
  • In an emergency, would your neighbors know what to do to help you? Would you know how to help them?
  • Would you like to make your neighborhood safer and more livable?


The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance (NCSA), in partnership with the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office, is looking to sign up 200 Cool Block leaders by September 7th.

Cool Blocks LA uses a proven neighbor-to-neighbor model that has helped thousands of people make their neighborhoods safer and healthier, prepare for disasters, save money, and lighten their environmental impact.

You can green your neighborhood, make it safer to walk in, or decide with your neighbors to do whatever is right for your area.

The NCSA  has scheduled 5 Cool Block Cafés people can attend in order to learn more about what it means to be a Cool Block Leader and to sign up to be one. If you’re interested, click HERE.

CALL FOR COOL BLOCK LEADERS detailed 2021 08-23
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